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Does this term really mean the happy moment or simply the moment?
Is history memory or construction?
What did Benno think?

We don't know, but we take him as an occasion to remember, to found ourselves. How he founded himself, in the construction of the Meissen Cathedral, which in the person of Benno, a foundation of faith in stone, reaches down to the present day. In this building we feel the infinite present, the present past.

It is a space that envelops language in proclamation and makes singing really resound, and also silently has its effect on us.
On this stone you shall build.

They are always special places, or they become special places.
First they are matters of the heart and faith, then they are building sites and then they are buildings. However, everything earthly is a building site, so we build into preservation from a prolonged faith, set in the past.

May this cathedral ring for a long time and reflect its beauty in the sun.

May the bishop's thought continue to exist in succession as long as the Elbe flows and fish swim in it.

Bruno Griesel

Pierrot from light/explanation | 2018 | 160 x 90 cm | Oil on canvas
Pierrot of Light/The Sun at Your Back
2018 | 160 x 110 cm | Oil on canvas
Pierrot/The Birth of the Triadic Ballet
2018 | 150 x 100 cm | Oil on canvas